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The walls of a home have the potential to change the look of any place. Various techniques and tools are available to change the look of a wall- paints, wall paper, tiles. Another technique which is becoming quite popular is drywall texture. This refers to applying texture on your wall to give a different look and feel. It not only looks stylish but also changes the look of your room radically. It is fairly easy to do and available in different designs to suit everybody’s sensibilities and budget. In case you do not want to spend too much on this, you need not worry. You can pick and choose a texture which is very subtle and can probably be done yourself. So what all styles of drywall texture are available to choose from?
Types of styles
Some of the most popular styles are Slap Brush, Spanish Drag, Venetian Plaster, Orange Peel, and Spraying on your wall. Some of them are very easy and give very subtle texturing. For example- Orange Peel. This is subtle texture on your wall which resembles an orange peel. It is quite simple to do and requires only mastering a spray gun on the thin plaster. While Orange Peel is uncomplicated and yet looks extremely stylish, others may turn out to be complicated and require professionals to provide a sophisticated look.
How to Drywall Texture
How to drywall texture depends on the complexity of the texture that you have chosen. One option is to do it through machine. This essentially includes applying air pressure on soft, semi solid plaster using a spray gun. The design is made by controlling the pressure of air and the nozzle design. This requires a professional to do it. another option can be using a spray machine on your own. This works exactly like the machine but is smaller and can be handled by you. However it will require some practice by you to master this and get the desired result. Spray Can can be another option especially for smaller areas.
Another convenient option is to use textured paints. This serves dual purpose at the same time- paint your wall as well as texture it. Hand Applied Texture is do it yourself Drywall Texture technique which provides you full creativity. You can practically use any tool to provide the desired texture to the wall. You apply cement paste to the wall, probably a little thin paste, and use your own creativity to texture it.
Following some dos and donts will allow you to texture your drywall more elegantly. In case it is a new wall then you need to ensure that it is completely dry and surface is even. In case of an old wall scrape off the older paint and make the surface even. Some people also apply primer before they initiate drywall texture. Always try your design on a small patch so that you do not end up with a whole room full of texture that does not appeal to you.